Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Removal, Reporting, and Installation Services

 Active Environmental, including its subcontractors, provides turnkey operations for Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) removal services.  Active Environmental has coordinated and managed UST removals for a variety of industrial and public sector clients.  UST removal projects involve coordinating subcontractors, conducting interim remedial activities, and submitting UST closure reports to regulatory agencies.  These services include state certified personnel for excavation, tank interior cleaning, and tank disposal.  If new tanks are to be installed, certified personnel are onsite to supervise the tank placement and piping installation.  Pump islands, product lines, and canopies are installed according to the manufacture specifications and regulatory guidelines.

UST/AST Services

  • Closure report submittal to state and federal agencies
  • UST/AST removal, disposal, and installation
  • Fill-in-Place
  • Overexcavation of UST cavity
  • Soil and ground water sampling for closure reports
  • Canopy demolition, installation, removal, and disposal

Active Environmental and its subcontractors perform all necessary services to remove USTs and ASTs, cleaning and disposing of all material in a safe and acceptable manner as dictated by current EPA, IDEM, API, and NFPS regulation, procedures, publications, and/or guidelines.  Active Environmental will assess UST excavation areas in accordance with IDEM and EPA policies and regulations. Active Environmental will dispose of UST and AST tank bottom residues and tank washings in accordance with EPA and IDEM regulations at a state approved disposal facility.  Active Environmental will perform all necessary services to dike existing ASTs as dictated by current EPA, IDEM, API, and NFPA regulations, procedures, publications, and/or guidelines.